Allows you to see patterns, draw conclusions, fine-tune strategies.

Trader statistics reveal not only weaknesses but also strengths. Statistics allows you to see problems and find solutions.


Think about the best way to trade, especially with an ever-changing market!

Trader statistics is that magic tool that allows you to hone your trading system to the ideal. But in real life, a trader often forgets to make notes about orders. Because of this, some of the valuable information is lost. The functionality of the service allows you to download transactions from the Binance, Bitmex, Huobi exchanges and provides an opportunity for a visual and high-quality study of the strengths and weaknesses of the trade within the framework of numerous analytics.

Indeed, when analyzing transactions, your personal trading strategy, the dynamics of trading and a behavior model are taken into account. As a result, you have deeper and more fundamental data that increase the effectiveness of trading. This is the best way to look at yourself from the side.

You can better analyze your trade. So, make it more profitable!

Why is it necessary

  • Profitability increase

    Excluding from trade found negative dependencies and efforts waking what works well - the mat improves. expectation, profitability and profit.

  • Do not repeat mistakes

    Fixing errors allows you to remember them and not repeat them twice.

  • How it works

    Ways to assess profitability, drawdown calculations, important ratios, statistical approaches, money management strategies.

  • Balance control

    Competent statistics, maximum information, quick decision making are necessary for success in trading.

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